Favorite things February

It doesn’t need to be December to celebrate our favorite things!

In trying to clean up my laundry (meaning to replace current products with alternatives that are chemical free) I discovered all natural, wool dryer balls from Mighty Nest. If you do not know about Mighty Nest I suggest you drop by and check out there amazing web site! Mighty Nest has helped me create a healthier home in many ways. Go to www.mightynest.com By signing up for there monthly offer, I discovered unique and inexpensive ways to supplement my crazy green lifestyle : ) Thanks Mighty Nest!

Instead of using dryer sheets which can contain unwanted chemicals, just add a few drops of natural oils to the dryer balls and “poof” you have soft clothes with a natural fresh scent minus the chemicals of traditional dryer sheets!

Next on the list is ACURE body wash. My fiancé suffers from very dry skin and he is a Mans, Man if you know what I mean so….. getting him to convert to all of my crazy green madness is not easy!! Guess what? He really loves ACURE (even if it is a little girly) and best of all, it calms his itchy skin. Yippee!! If the smell doesn’t capture you, I am sure the price will!! I purchase these items through Thrive Market  (for 1/2 the store bought price) and I am hooked!! Check it out!!

Last on my Favorite Things list brings us over to the great people at FOOD MATTERS to stock up on SUPER FOODS GREENS!! Yes, It is time to restock. While you are there why not test out the SUPER VITAMIN C PACK. After all, this is the cold and flu season so why not grab a shake with an added punch of Vitamin C??

vitamin-c-super-foodsTo sum things up! We are on task to having a great year in 2017! Everyday I am learning and discovering healthy ways to live, eat and enjoy life to its fullest! Keep tagging along and don’t be afraid to jump in to my crazy green life!! Click here and sign up for our email list!! Don’t Miss Out. Follow Us!

2 thoughts on “Favorite things February

  1. I am a cancer survivor and have completely changed my diet to plant base and house to chemical free. I am so glad I stumbled across this,sure as I am always open to new ideas that make my life greener, chemical free and healthy. Do you have suggestions on cleaning ideas for shower grim. I am currently using the Norwex clothe with essential oil Melaluca. Any additional ideas?

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    • Mary, thank you for sharing and congratulations on beating cancer : ) I lost both of my parents to cancer, which is what compelled me to start this blog. As far as beating shower grime, I am currently using Seventh Generation products and so far so good, but you have to add a little elbow grease! I have also tried Method products and was not to impressed with their general household cleaner. On another note, I am planning on trying Melaluca this Spring, so I am excited to hear such positive remarks.

      Thank you for commenting!


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