Guided by Blind Ambition


     Have you ever met someone that inspires you to reach your goals? Someone who pushes you to be a better person, or forces you to stop and realize that maybe your life is not so hard after all? Maybe the challenges that keep blocking you from obtaining your goals and dreams are just too big? Most people begin to question their ability to try again, and soon become stagnant. We have all had these moments. Sometimes it is because we let fear engulf us, or we blame bad timing. Inevitably you end up seated at the table with the dreamers and not the doers.
Moving into a new year is always exciting! It’s a time of reflection, second chances, and new beginnings. I thought this would be the perfect time to bring a little New Year inspiration to MCGL.
     Recently I had the opportunity to meet an inspiring young woman whose story will challenge you to think twice about obstacles that block your path, times of laziness when you want to give up and that amazing feeling you are rewarded with when you do succeed! I hope her story will motivate you to stay on track with your new goals, as she has been an inspiration to me!
I am going to share a true story about a young woman, Ms. Divya Goel who fearlessly takes on the world. She never gives up, and she never stops fighting for what she believes. She finds her passion and does it without the ability to see or hear. Yes, the story I am going to share is about a young deaf-blind women’s journey of self-determination. A dear friend of Divya’s family, Ms. Julie Balassa has graciously translated her story. The Hindu God Krishna makes clear in the Bhagavad Gita, the Hindu Holy Book, that Hindu people are not to talk about themselves in the first person, as self-reference is an example of ego. Therefore, Julie has interpreted Divya’s story in the third person.
I now have the honor of sharing Divya’s story with the blogging community; where I am sure she will be appreciated and respected for her drive and steadfast ambition.


Guided by Blind Ambition

If you are inspired by Divya’s story and would like to help her advocate for the DeafBlind Community, she can be reached via email at



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