New Year, New Goals 2017


It’s almost time to wrap up 2016 and welcome in the new year. As I get older it seems as though the years swoosh by faster than ever and I am sure 2017 will be no different.

2016 was filled with life changing events, exciting new discoveries as well as a few challenges I had to overcome. All in all, I say it was a pretty good year.

During the last 2016 Green Transformation Update, I had a few more goals to check off of my list.

Remaining goals for 2016

Nix the microwave – this one is going to be tuff. I admit I’m procrastinating.
Replace all water bottles with aluminum – More from : )
75% Veggies 25% meat (herbivores here I come!!) This one is a given!
Water filtration system – More research needed until I can commit to one system.
More garden, less grocery store – this is another one that has been frustrating. Crossing my fingers that the box garden works this fall!!!
Composting – since my garden died of fungus, I will rely on compose for my future box garden to provide the nutrients most veggies need to thrive.

And here is where I ended up with my 2016 list of accomplishments.

  • Nix the microwave – 10 points Microwave, 0 points ME : ( I know, so sad. But…I will continue to reduce the use of my Microwave in 2017.
  • Replace all water bottles with aluminum – Done : )
  • 75% Veggies 25% meat – Done!! Feeling awesome about this one!!!
  • Water filtration system – More research still needed and some $$. This home appliance is essential and will save money in the long run, so I plan on moving this into 2017.
  • More garden, less grocery store – Box Garden is producing : ) But it is to small to sustain my entire family. So I supplement it with the best Non-GMO, Organic produce I can find.

  • Composting – Fall Box Garden is a hit! Thank Goodness, because the only thing I got out of composting was a container filled with MAGGOTS!! TONS!! Yes, I am still feeling squeamish after discovering them……sooooo grosssss!


What is 2017 going to look like!! 2017 is all about detoxing and removing chemicals out of any environment which I can control.

  • Reduce the amount of cleaning chemicals used throughout the home.
  • Reduce the amount of allergens within the home
  • Exchange old Teflon type pots and pans for stainless steel, ceramic and glass
  • Clean up the laundry : )
  • Discover and create more veggie friendly receipts
  • Learn more about these pesky GMO’s
  • Exercise routines that distress
  • Finding inspiration through others
  • What to do with this pallet???? Herbs, veggies or flowers?? We shall see!!

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