Need Stocking Stuffers? We got this!

Looking for some unique gifts to stuff those stockings? We can help! We have gone through all of our favorite GREEN goodies and here is what we have come up with! Now lets get stuffing!!

1. Check this out. FOOD MATTERS is changing lives by educating readers on the importance of having a healthy gut, and now they are offering the Beauty Bible and Gut Matters BIBLE BUNDLE. Me sooooo happy! In true FOOD MATTERS form, this book is an eye opener and  highly recommended for those who have poor digestive health.

Click here and Bundle UP! Beauty Bible and Gut Matters Bundle

2.  Got a germaphobe in the family? Guess what? We’ve got you covered. 

Check out the Holistic Cleaning EBook what better way to set there minds at ease? Not only can they trust the products and methods used in this EBook, but you have the FOOD MATTERS team to back it up. Happy cleaning!!

3. Ultimate Crazy Green Gift!!! Ok so this technically is not a stocking stuffer, but I could not share this awesome news…….THE HUROM JUICER IS ON SALE!!!! 

Click here HUROM JUICER and receive 20% off now!!! Join the Juicing Nation now…lol and feel better than ever before through the power of natural homemade juice!!


Now click on over and check out these gift’s now while they are still in stock!!!


Happy Holiday Everyone!!! xoxo






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