Ready. Set. JUICE IT!!!


This juicer will not only change your life, but it could SAVE your life!

If you haven’t heard about the health benefits of Juicing you’ve probably been living under a rock : ) Sorry that’s a little harsh, but your health is soooo important and juicing is an easy way to provide fresh, natural vitamins and minerals to your body. There is just no way to consume enough vegetables each day to meet the minimum requirements your body needs. Juicing not only helps you achieve this goal, but it also releases these nutrients in a highly absorbable way your body will benefit instantly from.

Making the right selection
First things first, you must purchase a juicer. There are many to choose from, but luckily the awesome folks at the FOOD MATTERS network have done the research for us!!

Centrifugal Juicers
Centrifugal juicers are readily available and affordable. They can be found in just about any big box store. These juicers use cutting blades similar to a standard blender, except that the vegetables get smooshed against a metal strainer. this separates the juice from the pulp.
Cold Press Juicers
Cold Press Juicers work through a masticating (grinding up)process that use a cold press method to produce an amazing juice. Cold press juicers work at lower speeds and carefully compress the fruit and vegetables to produce juice. The con is that they do cost more than the Centrifugal style juicers, but keep in mind, their slower and more thorough production of juice produces more juice that is of better quality.


Click the links below to explore which Juicer is the right one for you. And then get JUICING!!!! Your body will thank you later.

Huron Ho slow Juicer                                Huron Cold Press Juicer

I personally own a Huron Cold Press Juicer and I now feel like I have a personal relationship with this amazing machine! Ok….so that’s a little weird, but this machine has truly changed my life in a positive way.




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