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Over the years I have learned that I can grow just about anything, tomatoes, bell peppers, green beans, herbs, okra and I know it’s a long shot, but I can even grow laundry!! lol. With a house full of boys, the one thing we have gotten good at, is making and doing laundry.

On another note, the one thing I cannot grow is Time (you know, the 24 hour, 365 days kind?) We sit back and watch movies, sing songs, read and write books about it, take classes, and attend seminars. It is the one thing we all want, but can’t manufacturer more of. The next best thing to making time, is cherishing and protecting each and every second, constantly thinking about the best ways to spend it. It is funny how time seems to go goes by so slowly as a child, and then speeds up as we become adults. I haven’t figured out if that’s the way its supposed to be, or if we just get busy and become more aware of how limited the amount of time we have really is?

As Summer quickly comes to and end, my kids have been trying to absorb every last bit of time with their friends and the rest consoling with their friends about the upcoming new school year; comparing schedules, picking out the best clothes and strategically choosing the BEST locker. Parents on the other hand are saying Yippee, there finally going back!!! Just kidding : ) From my past experience, back to school with my boys has always been bitter sweet.

As a parent you look forward to the milestone years for your children and when they arrive you wish you could stop time, or reverse it at minimum.  You watch them transition from the first day of Kindergarten, last day of Elementary school, survive Middle school, high school Freshman year and last Senior year. Awhhh, Senior year. We all remember it. While I was busy prepping for College and hanging out with my friends what I didn’t see, was that my Parents were prepping and planning too. This post is relevant because my oldest son will be a Senior in two weeks. My bouncing baby boy has 9 more months to go (no pun intended) and then off into this big crazy world we live in.

Time really does fly and over the next school year it will be moving at lightening speed!!  Gulp! As he walks out the door on the first day of school, I will probably cry. Just like I did when he confidently stepped into his kindergarten class and said “Mom, don’t worry. I am going to be fine”. Back then my mind raced through the kindergarten checklist; crayons, pencils, wide ruled paper, non-toxic glue, lunch box, super cool light up, Buzz Light Year shoes!! In two weeks, not much will change. I will run through my Senior year mental check list;  spiral note-book, laptop, cell phone, lunch money, gas money, black Sperry’s shoes, skinny jeans, SAT schedule etc… Did I pay off the College fund, does he have all the necessary classes to graduate, did I teach him how to be respectful, polite, a gentleman, adventurous? Did I do my job? Did I spend the right time with him? He will probably roll his eyes and say “Mom don’t worry. I am going to be fine. I’ve got this”.

I know I can answer those questions because, before high school began, I made a commitment to myself. I made a commitment, to make sure we spent time together. Not busy running errands and going through the motions of life, but quality time. I am happy to say I followed through with my promise and we have had some amazing moments together. Freshman year, for collegiate inspiration…we visited the University of Notre Dame. Inspiring it was. Even better was the conversations we had as we walked the campus and watched the Fighting Irish take on the Navy!! Another adventure worth mentioning was a road trip from Indiana over to Ohio in a super cool, Dodge Challenger (serious cool Mom points) we stopped along the way at random points of interest. Not realizing the points of interest we were discovering were actually in each other. There have been some pretty cool moments just hanging out at our house to; getting ready for prom, late night guitar sessions, passing his driving test, creating bazaar juice recipes in the kitchen. Just a little thing we call life.

Shortly after graduation (before he runs off to college) we have one last adventure planned. We are going to climb Pikes Peak in Colorado. Yes, 7 miles up and 7 miles down. Just the two of us. I cannot wait!!! This will be time well spent, time we will not get back, time we will make memories with and hopefully talk and laugh about as he transitions from my “little man” into a Man I will be proud of.

Time is precious. Cherish and savor all that you have. It will be worth every second. I promise : ) Always make time for the ones you love. After all, they are what really matters.

  – Carrie


A Mans work is from sun up to sun down, but a Mothers work is never done.

                                                                                                                               – Unknown.










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