Shakie Protein ⚠️

I have exercised on a routine basis for years. After my first son was born I became the epitome of a “Gym Rat”.  I worked out almost every morning before the sun came up 🌄. I ate chicken and broccoli like a champion and measured my meals like a Pro. Over the years I have managed to maintain an exercise routine from lifting weights to playing tennis, running, cycling all the while being mindful of the food I was eating.

Because of my busy schedule, I had to budget my time in order to exercise and prepare healthy meals. One way I handled this was mixing up a quick Protein Shake. Protein shakes are well-known in the Workout World as being an easy solution to your nutritional needs.  Manufacturers have done a great job marketing them as super easy to whip up while you are on the Go! Needless to say, I have had my fair share of shakes and protein bars. You name it, I have tried it or attempted to make my own alongside my trusty blender 😃. To this day, if I am running low on time I break out the blender, throw some protein powder a little frozen fruit, milk and in one minute, breakfast, lunch or even dinner! Perfection. Well…….at least that’s what I thought until I learned otherwise during a routine Doctor’s visit.

Early last week I had an appointment with my Doctor. After reviewing my vital signs she asked me what I had for breakfast. I answered “a protein shake and a banana”. She asked how often do I eat protein shakes and if I ate protein bars as well? I said “Well, I eat one or the other about two times a week or more”. As she continued reviewing my chart she started to tell me that protein shakes and bars have heavy metals in them and asked if I was aware of that? I said “No”. “Why”? She said, “Well, I noticed on your chart you have a family history of kidney cancer and you should be cautious of the strain heavy metals put on your system, in particularly your kidneys.

To shake or not to shake

So there I was sitting  with my mouth and eyes wide open.

Astonished that I had never read or heard about this before. How could I have missed this? Her advice for me was to remove these two items from my pantry and find something in a more organic form to substitute them with.

I immediately went home and started doing some research. This is just a little bit of what I discovered;

  • When toxic metals accumulate in your system toxic stress increases which impacts the way our organs operate.
  • To lessen the impact of toxins, regular detox and cleanses are proven to help the body’s natural elimination systems function properly.
  • The most common metals we encounter are mercury, lead, iron, aluminum and cadmium. How we are exposed to they metals determines the effects it has on our bodies.
  • Some of the foods we eat can increase the body’s ability to retain toxic compounds within the body.(see below Top Six Edible Enemies)
  • Toxic metals can also be found in many personal hygiene and skin care products including make-up! Yes ladies, that morning make-up routine is toxic too.
  • And this list is the just the beginning! Coming soon, how to combat these toxins with easy, yummy cleansing recipes!

Top 6 Edible Enemies

  1. Artificial sweeteners
  2. Wheat and grains containing Gluten
  3. Dairy products made from cows milk
  4. Alcohol and Caffeine
  5. Fried foods
  6. Processed foods (this is where the protein powder and bars come in)

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