Out with the bad and in with the good! 🙃

Here we are 6 months into 2016! Whew! I have been busy. In order to keep myself on track with obtaining my goals, I find it helpful to make a list. Here are a few of the products and lifestyle practices I wanted to transform into healthier, more natural choices for my 2016 “Green transformation”!  😊

✅ Grow a garden

✅ Start juicing

✅ No mo GMO’s

✅ Only Organic meat

✅ Bye, bye bottled water

✅ Only use natural/organic personal    hygiene products

Here are my remaining goals for 2016

  • Nix the microwave
  • Replace all water bottles with aluminum
  • 75% Veggies 25% meat (herbivores here I come!!)
  • Water filtration system
  • More garden, less grocery store
  • Composting

I think that’s it for 2016. Of course 2017 there will be more to come!!

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